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    Social Skills Training and Personal Development

    Is your teen naturally shy or struggling with how to engage with others? Has the pandemic reduced opportunities for your child to interact with friends and family members to develop those critical social skills? Maybe you are a parent who wants to ensure the “screens” don’t deprive your child of human connection.

    Whether it’s related to homeschooling challenges, increased use of electronics, or struggles with parental work/life balance finding time to ensure our teens get the socialization they need to help them be well-rounded individuals can be difficult. Most of us remember our teenage years as a combination of fun, increasing freedom, and some stress. During this time your teen’s hormone levels are skyrocketing. They may also feel a greater need to perform well academically and fit into social circles. All of this stress can take its toll on a teen’s overall well-being.

    Through one-on-one and group activities, I can help your teen learn and practice social skills they can use well into their future. If your teen needs skills development for an extra boost of confidence please reach out to me.